Eat healthy like Miamian

Miami is a place where the season of swimsuits never ends, so it is a town where residents are very conscious about their health. In a city where everyone is looking and feeling their best, we are talking about a very active place full of water sports and yoga enthusiasts. With so many devotions to their health, people in Miami pay a lot of attention to what they eat. Because of an active life that people lead here, going to restaurants is common, so there are various places where you can eat organic, healthy food with vegan and vegetarian menus. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional athlete, a devotee of a healthy lifestyle, or just want to try new things – this is the city where you can try it all. So if you are looking to eat more healthy, just eat like you are from Miami.

Breakfast & Brunch

For those who like to start the day with something bright and bubbly, there is a various list of drinks that are smooth enough for mornings, and for those who like starting their day focused and energized there is always a menu full of clean, green drinks made from juiced fruit, or special made smoothies.

In miami beach restaurants there are fit but fabulous food options which can include fruits, yogurts, and wheat toast. This type of breakfast is for people who like a little natural sugar, usually after a good run, or other light sports activity so they can refill their energy. For those who need a little bit more to start their day, they can always pick eggs (which can be made in various ways) because of the protein they will need for a more active day. Burritos, potatoes, mushrooms, fish, chicken and other meat, are good for the same reason. They release energy slowly and make you feel full longer, but they will not make you feel bloated. For brunch, you can choose to eat various pasta, because carbon hydrates should best be eaten early in the day.


For lunch proteins and vegetables are a must. This is the food that will repair your body from spending muscle energy during the morning and will keep you energized enough so you can be active through the day without spending more proteins than you have.This is the meal that should have everything. From salty foods full of minerals proteins and fibers to sweets (cakes, fruits…) that will feed your brain and help you stay awake after such good meal.


Miami beach restaurants know how to adjust to the lifestyle of a place they are in. After an active day full of swimming, walking, and after being in the sun for a long time, nothing repairs the body and mind more than some cheese, light meat like chicken, crab, and shrimps, and some refreshing salads. Fruits and sweets are not the best options for dinner because your body doesn’t need sugar energy at the end of a day (unless you plan to go partying).