Is Esports Considered To Be Real Sport?

Most like you have already heard before of the term eSports because it is very popular nowadays. If you are not familiar with this term, don’t worry because we will explain everything to you. eSports are essentially electronic sports or competitive computer gaming as you might be more familiar with. The competitive gaming scene is not new to the world it has been around since 1970 but there is a huge difference between those competitions and the competitions nowadays. Back then, the competitions were held with only few audience members because nobody really knows nothing about computer gaming.


However, nowadays, that is completely the opposite, everyone has played at least one computer game. The competitions that are organized now are held at big venues and sports stadiums that get filled up with fans from around the world. Of course, now the question is asked is eSports considered to be a real sport or not, well you are going to find out in this article, just continue reading and pay close attention.


What makes one person to become a professional, well he must earn some profit out of it. In gaming, there are plenty of professional players that have one goal in mind and that is to win the first place in a competition.  People are still not sure if they can call this a real sport because then these players would become professional athletes.


It is very strange to say about someone who sits in front of a computer all day to be an athlete. However, we have to start getting used to it because these professional players are earning a lot of money, some of them have even salaries over 1 million dollars which make them very popular all around the world.

Just like any other professional athlete, it is not easy to become one and not everyone can be one. It is something that you have to be born with. No matter how much you practice a game, if you don’t have the gift, then you will never be good as some professional people who are competing for a lot of money.