Four Books You Should Read This Summer

To be honest, reading isn’t a popular hobby as many people choose movies, TV shows, and YouTube instead of books. However, reading isn’t only about challenging your mental abilities, but also improving yourself as a person.

With so many authors these days, your options are limitless, and as the summer approaches, you might have more time to explore various genres. For instance, if you are into astrology, then you will be able to find great books about Latin Tarot cards.Now, let’s see what interesting books you should read this summer.

Dr. Edith Eva Eger – The Choice

The Choice is a combination of a memoir and a guide to proceeding trauma. This is a story about a sixteen-year-old girl, Eger, who was taken to Auschwitz, together with her family. After surviving horrible terrors, Eger moved to the U.S. and became a therapist.

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Due to her background, she managed to provide constructive insight, and we believe a lot of people will find comfort in her words, while her suggestions offer consolation and tell us how to handle challenging and almost impossible situations.

David Mitchell – Cloud Atlas

This is one of those novels that leave you hanging long after you finished it. While the plot is hard to explain because it concerns six inner-related stories that are nearly centuries apart, it describes the lives of six people who went through various situations.

We particularly liked a story about an American doctor who was on a sailing ship in the South Pacific during the mid-1800s.
Therefore, if you are into human psychology, and love reading about best and worst of humanity, then Cloud Atlas will blow your mind and help you understand that nothing’s changed over the course of 200 years.

Bob Iger – The Ride of a Lifetime

If you would like to expand your view on the business world, then we wholeheartedly recommend “The Ride of a Lifetime.” This author does a fantastic job of explaining the corporate world and what it’s like to be the CEO of a large company.

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So, whether you are just looking for an entertaining read or a business insight, we think everyone will enjoy Iger’s stories, and it’s Disney stories during one of the most transformative times this company went through.

John M. Barry – The Great Influenza

Due to the Corona outbreak, people have begun reevaluating their priorities while looking back at the past. Therefore, if you wish to find a historical comparison, then the 1918 influenza pandemic might be a useful source of information.

This author will lead you on a journey that explores one of the deadliest outbreaks in human history. Although Great Influenza happened more than 100 years ago, it’s still a good reminder that we are still dealing with the same challenges.

For that matter, if you want to read an exciting book that vividly pictures terrible things people faced and how they managed to beat one of the deadliest flues, then “The Great Influenza” should be on top of your list.