List of best supplements for memory and focus

Just as we use exercising and various activities to keep our body fit and achieve good physical performance, there are ways to provide wellness to your brain and cognitive functions as well. Staying healthy in a strictly physical aspect is essential for proper brain functioning, thus healthy diet, regular biorhythm, physical activity and avoiding various risk factors is a priority. Aside from these strategies, most scientists and healthcare providers agree that the brain requires continuous stimulation and cognitive challenges in order to stay fit and sharp. Regular consumption of nootropic supplements is another method. These are great supplements for memory and focus.

What to expect of nootropic supplements

Nootropic supplements are various preparations containing substances that protect neurons, stimulate their functions, function as the anti-oxidants and prevent the development of all forms of dementia. In other words, these products increase your mental energy and sharpness, boost your concentration and the speed of thinking, enhance your memory and intelligence and promote your overall cognitive performance. Two aspects to consider when opting for nootropic supplements is the list of their potential side effects and the proven quality of the particular product. Since the market is cluttered with fake products advertised as quality brain pills, here is our list of supplements for memory and focus you can trust.

Qualia Mind

This is one the most popular products of a kind, recommended by many experts and reliable users. It contains dozens of safe and effective substances, tested and approved by many clinical trials. Side effects are rare and mild, usually transitory and the results become obvious after a relatively short period of regular consumption. Your concentration, memory capacity, creativity and mental vitality will increase significantly with this supplement.

Lumonol pills

Another very popular and widely used product, based upon acetyl-choline and several neurotrophic anti-oxidants. It increases blood flow in brain tissue, stimulates neuron -to- neuron transmission of signals, enhances memory, focus, cognitive sharpness, concentration and regeneration of exhausted neurons. It is often recommended to patients with risk of senile dementia and attention deficit disorder, but anyone in need of mental stimulation are free to use it.

Nootrogen pills

Dimethylaminoethanol is an active substance in this product, though it contains several additional natural substances that enhance the effects of DMAE. The product passed successfully through dozens of clinical trials and the number of satisfied patients using it regularly is constantly increasing. Its natural ingredients make it quite safe and bioneutral, thus the side effects are pretty rare. The effect is strong and expressed after seven to ten days of using. Mental strength and vitality are increased, concentration boosted and most of the patients using this product for a year never develop any signs of senile dementia or any other form of deterioration.

Mind Lab Pro products

Compared to previously described products, Mind Lab Pro isn’t so prompt with showing its effect, but it is the perfect choice in a long run. It takes some time to notice the improved cognitive functions and boosted mental performance, but it is safe, tested, inert enough not to cause almost any side effects and it will not accumulate metabolites anywhere in your body, thus you can feel free to consume it for years.