Myofascial Massage – heal your body.

“Myo” is the name for the muscle, while the term “fascia” is the easiest to describe as an elastic connective tissue tie that spreads along the whole body. Facial supports and covers all muscles, tissues, organs, bones, ligaments, and nerves. Muscles and fascia make one, “they work together” and only in their harmony the body functions in a proper and healthy way. Due to any traumas in the body, the fascia becomes inelastic, and then this restriction tightens the muscles causing tightness, pain, stress, and limitation of movement.

In the last decades, this technique has been widely accepted and represented in the US, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, etc. This kind of massage can also help with the pain in the back and neck, a headache, pain in the pelvis, sports injuries, chronic pain, neuro dysfunction, chronic fatigue, pain in the face, cramps, pain in the jaws, painful scars, feelings of constant pause and fatigue, anxiety and depression conditions.

What is it exactly

The MFR starts from the idea that in the human body each muscle, each bone, and nerve system is connected by a fiber called fascism. Fascia is something like a suit that covers a whole body and in which all the fibers are interconnected and affect one another, both positively and negatively. When the fascius is normal, it is wavy and relaxed, capable of stretching, collecting and moving without any limitation or pain. However, when there is some inflammation or injuries in the body, the fascia collects and becomes firm and non-cooperative, recalling the thread that is pulled out of the sweater.

Different types of movement are used, ranging from gentle massages that are performed using only a few fingers to deep tissue massage, which are also very gentle, but also very effective. These movements are aimed at relaxing the collected fascia and restoring it to the normal state.

In addition to pain relief, Myofascial release helps to keep the body properly and increases mobility, and in children with cerebral palsy, it reduces muscle tone and increases joint mobility.

How can it help

Myofascial massage is a manual medicine technique that is applied by the action of a hand on the body or part of the body where there is pain or tension with the aim of advanced forms of rehabilitation treatment. Different types of movement are used, from very gentle to harder, deep movements. Each treatment is based on the uniqueness of the movements of the therapist and the client’s body (fissure stimulation to respond) and is very effective in relieving tension, reducing pain or stimulating normal sensation and activity.

It is also advised to take large amounts of fluid during and after treatment to alleviate side effects. This is because fascias, like any other system undergoing treatment, eject toxins and water that are inside, which can lead to nausea and weakness of the organism that the patients feel after treatment. Taking liquids alleviates or alters this phenomenon.