Pc Vs Console Gaming, Which One Should You Pick

The age-old question that people are asking all the time is which one to use for gaming PC or Consoles. Well, we cannot give you a straight answer because as you might know both of them have some pros and some cons. Therefore, you have to choose yourself the one that you like better. However, we would like to give you some advice because we have been gathering some information on both of them. The source of this information is coming from real gamers that we have interviewed for just this article. This way, you can see what some professional gamers think about this question.

All you need to do is read through this article and at the end, you will know which one to pick.


One of the first things that we want to talk about when it comes to PC or Console gaming is the actual price of these things. That is because we know that for most people it is not so easy to pay 500$ just to play video games. About the price of these gaming platforms you need to know that the consoles are like a middle price ranged because they are about 500-700$ depending on which one you want to buy. You can choose from Xbox, PlayStation, and much more. However, when it comes to buying a PC, well things can get a little more complicated because they don’t have a set price range that you can point out.


You can buy a PC for 300$ and you can buy one for 10.000$. Of course, as you might have guessed the price will affect the performance that you get from them. For example, a 500$ PC cannot be compared with a 500$ Console because the console will give you much better performance for that money. However, a 500$ console cannot be compared with a 3.000$ PC because the components that are inside the PC are using far more advanced technology that is capable of running any game that you can imagine without any lag.


As for the performance of PC and Console, well both of them are good. Of course, if you purchase an outdated console like a Xbox360, then you will have some performance issues with the newer games because it was made a long time ago and the technology inside is not the most advanced. However, with a PC you have the option to just simply change an outdated part, for example, if you are getting low FPS, then you might want to change your graphics card and the problem would be solved.


Where with a console, it is not that easy to fix your issue, you cannot change any of the built-in components because they are unique. So, if you cannot play a certain game, then your only option is to purchase a new console. That’s why usually professional gamers use PC over console because they can easily update the components when needed. Also, then can make some upgrades by installing more RAM or a better Processor.