The Most Popular Video Games

If you consider yourself to be a gamer, then you should already know what the most popular games are this year. However, if you are not into gaming yet, but you want to start playing some games, you might want to know what is popular nowadays. Information like this can help you choose the first video game that you will play. Of course, you can play any other game, but we suggest that you give these a try at least because they are the most popular for a very good reason. Even if you are not into gaming yet, you have most likely heard or seen these games before because they are all over the internet and social networks.

League of Legends

Of course, our first pick for this list will be League of Legends or LoL how most people are calling it. We are positive that you have heard or seen this game before because it has been out for quite a while. Most of the video games that have been out for that long are not popular anymore. However, League of Legends was one of the few games that pushed through and stayed one of the most popular games. League was released in 2009 which makes this game 9 years old. If you compare it with some other video game that was released during that time, you will see a huge difference in graphics quality and the reason for that is because they have been constantly updating and improving.

League of Legends

If a video game developer puts out only one version of the game and never updates it, then after some time the game will become too old to the standards and nobody will play it. That is one of the main reasons why League is so popular even these days. So, if you are interested in starting to play League of Legends we suggest that you visit some helpful sites such as AussyELO and get yourself started the right way. The biggest problem or competition that LoL has ever faces happened this year when the game Fortnite started to gain popularity. You can find more interesting information about that game here in this article below. Start to using TweakBox Ap


This game is one of the most recently released ones, so everything is kinda fresh still. What you need to know about this game is that it is a battle royale game, just like the quite popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or H1Z1 games. However, what made this game more popular than any other battle royale game is the unique approach that has never been done before.

The developers didn’t focus that much on making another realistic game, they wanted to create something more cartoony and to add abilities such as building walls and stairs.  This game has been out for only a few months and it is breaking all kinds of records all around the world. Everyone is obsessed with playing this game with their friends because it is so much fun.having fun with Panda Helper Installation.