Protect your teeth and implement an excellent dental hygiene

Brushing your teeth every night and morning doesn’t guarantee you’ll have protected gums and cavity-free teeth. Considering how dental services can be expensive, it is important to implement proper techniques to avoid unnecessary problems. You need understand the appropriate brushing process and ensure to have all the right tools in your cabinet. We have prepared a couple of dental tips and trick that can help you in your everyday routine.

What is the right brushing technique

A quick wash of your teeth won’t be enough to clean all leftovers of food and polish your teeth. Based on the recommendations of American Dental Association, people should hold the brush at a 45-degree angle and use short back and forth strokes. In this process don’t forget your tongue because it carries the most bacteria and it causes bad breath. Nowadays, every brush has a rubber addition at the back, for tongue cleaning.

Brush enough

Almost anyone cleans its teeth regularly, but people just don’t brush enough, or they don’t have a sufficient number of strokes. In this case, the more you brush, the longer your teeth will be clean. The ADA advises individuals to brush their teeth at least two times per day; the ideal solution would be to clean your teeth after each meal. But, many of us are spending too much time at work, and they don’t have time for this everyday routine. If brushing your teeth longer is too boring for you, set up a song or YouTube video while you are cleaning your teeth, in this case, the time will pass faster.

Choose the right brush

There are a lot of brushes on the market, and different manufacturers are competing who will produce the best brushes. But, if you can already choose, you should select the brush that has small head and bristles that can reach into crevices or your morals. This is where food is gathered the most. Based on the International Dental Health Association, adults should use a small or medium brush for this purpose.

Flossing is important

Many people neglect the flossing, but it’s equally important as brushing. Brush can’t help you remove all leftovers of the food, on the other hand, with the floss, you can remove even the germs.

The ideal length of the floss would be 18 inches; this allows you to use fresh areas of the floss with every new tooth. When flossing, you should make a C shape while rubbing against tooth and wrapping the floss around each tooth.

Change the brush regularly

This is probably the most common mistake people make, and if you are using the same brush for the last couple of months, then it may not be clean anymore. Every time you use it, you are intaking the new number of bacteria into your mouth, which is not good for your dental hygiene. Also, don’t share a brush with anyone and don’t allow your kids to use your brush. If you follow these rule, it may save you to have a dental emergency.