Top tech trends in 2018

2017 was a big year of technology, and we have experienced the most significant progress so far. So, of the most prominent breakthrough involve Twitter breaking its 140-character rule, Tesla developed its electric car, and both Tesla and Google are working on automotive vehicles. The bitcoin exploded all over the world, creating a massive number of investments and virtual assistants are slowly taking over our lives and our houses. AI and VR are becoming the top priority, and many major corporations are investing in this industry. All in all, this was a very successive year, but what can we expect in 2018?

The blockchain

The blockchainA large audience got familiar with this expression during 2017, due to an immense popularity of bitcoin. This is a distributed ledger system which was a real place in the future, and it doesn’t matter if the price of bitcoin is $0 of $100,000. The blockchain is remote hart of cryptocurrency, and it verifies transactions and records without intermediator. While its only use was to validate transactions, now developers see its use outside of finances. Now, we don’t need human involvement to divide funds, which is a considerable progress.

The comeback of ARM-powered laptop

We all got accustomed to long battery life and smartphones and tablets developers are always trying to perfect this area, but that’s not the case with laptops. During the day, you will have to recharge your computer at some point. In addition to this, Microsoft redesigned Windows in 2017 to be compatible with ARM technology. The code will run natively on these processors, providing the extensive production of AMP powered PCs. This promises the longer battery life, depending on usage, people will be able to utilize their laptop for 25 hours. Who wouldn’t like that?

The end of smartphones

When we say it like this, it might sound crazy. But, the idea of smartphones was to allows you connect with other people, that the traditional calls couldn’t. The entire situation will be changing in the future due to an AI and machine learning. Even though they will be still a smartphone, but you can call them intelligent phones. In this case, the mobile processors will be built to handle artificial intelligence, which means your needs will be performed faster and they will be able to anticipate it. 2018 will bring us an expansion of digital assistants, which will meet your every request.


The touchless interface

We already experience this feature with then iPhone X, but in 2018 all major tech giants will run to compete with Apple and further develop the touchless interface. On the other hand, we have Alexa, Siri, and Bixby who already begun to train us not to rely only on fingers. Now we can use our voice to set commands, and this trend will continue to develop as many remote it support services will start investing their money in it because all of them see a great potential in this industry.