Traditional Italian foods you need to try in your life

Italians have an amazing and varied repertoire when it comes to their kitchen and their wine. Besides the beautiful countryside and their beautiful women, they are known as the old school chefs that love making amazing seafood, pasta, and the most famous Italian dish the pizza.
However, while everyone has tried a pizza or some version of the pasta, the real meals are the hidden gems of the traditional Italian kitchen. While the list can be literally with several dozen amazing dishes we have boiled them down to our favorites which count up to 5 dishes. So, without further ado here are our top picks that you have to try when visiting the best italian restaurant in your city or while you are visiting Italy on vacation.

1) Arancin

The food of the gods that are on their break the famous Arancini which is basically the dish of stuffed rice balls coated with bread crumbs and dipped in boiling hot oil. The ingredients that are inside can vary but almost always you will find mozzarella inside and some peas. If you are in the mood for a light brunch the Arancini should be on the top of your list

2) Lasagna

Nothing screams Italy like some traditional made Lasagna. They come in three main variations, the white lasagna, the green lasagna and the meaty lasagna. While all of them are amazing and for specific times in your week, you will definitely get a full belly with one lasagna meal, and if you pair it with wine you will probably want to eat this dish once a week. It’s filled with cheese so you will be hooked instantly.

3) Osso buco Alla Milanese

Everyone who is a lover of meat will love this dish. The shanks of the tender veal are braised and cooked in white wine. This classic Italian dish is usually served with different vegetables of which they vary depending on the region where the meal is eaten. In almost every version you will find that the meat has a wide range of aromas where you will definitely taste a bit of lemon and garlic, and in some cases, parsley as Italians love putting parsley and garlic on everything they can.

4) Prosciutto brunch

Prosciutto is the traditional dry-cured ham which can both be eaten as a breakfast meal with some fresh cut cheese or can be eaten during lunch with a bigger plate filled with more cheese vegetables and even salty crackers. However, it can also be eaten during the night with a big glass of vine. Prosciutto goes with anything at any time of the day!

5) Tiramisu

The last thing on our list from the Italian kitchen that you have to try won’t be a dish that is made from meat or bread dough. It’s actually one of the easiest to eat desserts in the whole world. The Tiramisu is the kind of dessert that can be eaten in unlimited amounts at any time of the day. The most creamy, soft, and mildly sweet dessert you can have while drinking coffee or wine is a tiramisu, and you have to give it a try!