Where Is Brexit Nowadays?

A lot of people are asking the same question and that is where is Brexit nowadays, well nobody really knows what is happening with the Brexit process at the moment. The reason for that is simple, people seem to not pay any attention to it anymore and because of that news portals have stopped covering that story.

Brexit 2

Of course, if something huge would have happened, everyone would know about it, that is for sure because after all it is a big change for everyone and it will affect many people lives. So, the true reason why the story and the process of Brexit are quiet is that nothing huge is happening, the process is taking very long, just as some people have predicted to go.

Some people were scared at the beginning because they thought that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union immediately or at least that year.

However, the situation is quite different, this is a process that requires a lot of this because it is not simple. The best information that we can give you now, which is not a 100% true is that the United Kingdom should leave the European Union on 29. March 2019. This means that we have a few more years before anything really happens.

The Wait

One of the things that we can do now is just waiting until something is announced. Some people predict that this process will take even five to ten years just because people are not quite happy about this decision. However, one thing is for sure that the UK will have to leave the EU eventually. The Prime Minister of the UK said that they will not seek any permanent membership of the customs or the single market when they leave the EU. In June this year, 2017. Some of the negotiations with the EU started up.


Therefore, if you want to know where is Brexit nowadays headed, you need to wait some time because there is no clear information about this topic. We suggest that you do all of your unfinished business in the UK before they finally leave.