Why kangaroo meat is good for dogs

Many people are not convinced that kangaroo meat is the right food for their pets. They relate to a handful of misleading articles whose backers are up to debate. Those articles talk about kangaroo jerky and other similar products as sources of all cancer-related and other diseases that any dog can get.

However, the fact that Australians eat this meat for more than thirty years, and feed it to dogs for the same amount of time is something that those articles fail to mention. And, in fact, this type of meat is extremely healthy for dogs that require food that has little to no fat. That fact is the primary reason you should always double and triple-check everything you read online. Some of the info you get is correct, while a lot of it might not be.

The primary benefits of kangaroo jerky for dogs

Listing all benefits that kangaroo meat has would take too much space in an article like this. It wouldn’t allow for any explanations on any point you would read. This is why a list of the benefits this meat has will be short. However, it will be followed by explanations about said benefits.

First of all kangaroo meat is one of the leanest red meats you can find on the market. It contains a lot of protein, and thus your dog won’t have to eat large meals to get full. It is a perfect element for low-fat diets that dogs have to eat if they suffer from conditions like pancreatitis.

Kangaroo meat is not fat-free. The fact you will find in it is unsaturated which means that it is good fat. Unsaturated fats are found within the red meat, and both humans and their pets need it in their system. The amount of said fat is low, and it won’t create any fat-related medical conditions. Also, kangaroo meat is also good for people who want an alternative to meats that have higher fat content.

Beef JerkyZinc and iron are two minerals that every red meat has. However, kangaroo is one of a few animals known for having meat that is extremely rich in them. This means that your dog will stay healthy without you having to change diets to get one or both of these from other sources.

Other benefits of kangaroo-based food for pets

You might not realize it, but the majority of the methane that damages the ozone layer comes from livestock that is grown for food, both human and dog. On the other hand, kangaroos are known for producing a minimal amount of methane. This makes them perfect for breeding for food.

And the final thing is related to the harvesting of the said meat. Everything is government-related, and thus no wild kangaroos get harmed in the process. The involvement of the government ensures that the law does everything. This means that animals that get harvested don’t suffer anything throughout the whole process of growing and harvesting.