110 Armstrong Flooring Employees Laid Off

After filing for bankruptcy, Armstrong Flooring plant in Jackson has closed its doors, leaving 110 people with no jobs

Friday, after decades of operation in Jackson, the Armstrong Flooring factory closes its doors.

Monday, approximately 110 employees were informed that they would be laid off when the Highway 80 plant near Battlefield Park closes.

The company filed for bankruptcy in May in an attempt to avert closures, but operations in Mississippi and Oklahoma are scheduled to cease by the end of the week.

AHF, LLC and Gordon Brothers entered into an agreement to purchase the Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based company for $107 million.

Armstrong said in a statement, “The company is working to support its employees in Jackson and Stillwater, Oklahoma, and will investigate local employment placement opportunities.”

Mark Muncie, a retired Armstrong Flooring employee, displayed an old photograph and reminisced about the plant, which was constructed on Highway 80 in 1947 and is the oldest business on the highway.

“This occurred in 1960 This is what I refer to as my first day of work, and this is my father holding me at my first Christmas dinner “Muncie said.

Muncie expressed sympathy for the laid-off workers.

“This is quite poor. I hope they can find employment at a reputable company, such as Continental (Tire) or one of the newest businesses in Madison County “Muncie said.

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