Businessman In Ghana Granted Bail For GH¢100,000.00 Over Death Threats & Assault

The charges against Li Yong Gang, who is 44 years old, include assault, threat of murder, and inflicting bodily injury.

An Accra circuit court has decided to release the businessman who is accused of assaulting Esther Tuglo at Zongo Lane in Accra on bail. The incident is said to have taken place in Accra.

The charges against Li Yong Gang, who is 44 years old, include assault, threat of murder, and inflicting bodily injury.


He entered a plea of not guilty to all of the counts against him.


The accused individual was granted bail by the court, which was presided over by Mr. Emmanuel Essandoh. The bond was set at GHS 100,000.00, and there was to be one surety.


The Accused person was given an order by the court that required him to turn up his passport to the Registrar of the Court.


The accused person’s request for bail was granted once the court discovered that the accused person had a permanent place of residence, as the defence attorney had requested.


The court session for this matter will resume on August 3, 2022.


The prosecuting attorney, Police Inspector Eric Pobee, informed the court that the complainants, Madam Esther Tuglo and Mr. Emmanuel Ansong, worked for the accused person at a footwear business that was situated at Zongo Lane in Accra. The shop belonged to the accused person.


According to the statements made by the prosecution, the accused person reviewed a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footage in the shop on July 7, 2022, and discovered that another employee at the shop by the name of Tulley had stolen from his drawer at the shop while Madam Tuglo, who witnessed the act, sat down unconcerned. The CCTV footage was reviewed by the accused person.


Inspector Pobee stated that on July 8, 2022, at approximately 09:20 hours, as work was continuing at the shop, the accused person, armed with a knife, violently confronted Madam Tuglo as to why she sat unconcerned when her coworker, Tulley, was stealing money from the drawer. Inspector Pobee said that the incident occurred at the shop.


The accused individual was reported to have gripped Madam Tuglo by the neck while making a threat to murder her, according to the prosecution.


Inspector Pobee said that Mr. Ansong interfered to stop the accused person from attacking Madam Tuglo, at which point the accused person turned and stabbed Mr. Ansong in the neck with the knife.


According to the allegations made by the prosecution, Mr. Ansong suffered a severe injury to his neck and was thereafter transported to Ussher Fort Hospital, where he was hospitalised, treated, and eventually released.

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