Hendersonville attorney sentenced for 35 years

Andy Allman has been sentenced to 35 years in state prison at 30 percent.

Friday, a disbarred and convicted attorney from Hendersonville was sentenced to a total of 35 years in prison. The years, however, will be served consecutively. Andy Allman has been sentenced to 35 years in state prison at 30 percent.

Andy Allman was found guilty of 18 counts of crimes in November 2021, including theft, impersonating a licenced professional, and practising law without a licence.

Judge Dee David Gay stated, “I want everyone to know that I’ve given a great deal of consideration to this matter since the news broke. It has taken a long time to make its way through the criminal courts since the evidence is so extensive.
“His actions are out of the ‘Twilight Zone’.” Judge Gay stated that his offences had a significant impact on the judicial system, judges, and lawyers in terms of abusing public trust.

Among the reasons considered by the judge in determining the sentence were the following: The defendant has a criminal past, constituting the first aggravating element. Factor of enhancement three; the crime included several victims. Seventh enhancement factor: freed on bail and committing a crime. Enhanced factor 14; abuse of public-private trust position. Factor of enhancement 24; theft of goods and damage to the victim.

“I have observed no regret,” Judge Gay continued.

Judge Gay stated that the case involves at least 212 victims, millions of dollars, and repeated disbarment attempts over the course of six years.

“I’m still unsure as to why all of this occurred. This has been my question from the start. We’ve been through this, and I’m still uncertain. I am only aware of what has been presented to me. I will base my decision on this,” the judge remarked.

Prosecutors alleged during a nine-day trial that Allman stole money from clients who handed him sums to hold in trust accounts for them.

Allman represented himself in court in the end. Judge Gay stated that he asserted no wrongdoing.

“[The Jury] found him guilty on all counts as alleged. Mr. Allman has never demonstrated any form of remorse, therefore this meant a great deal to the victims. “He has never apologised for what I did,” says Sumner County Assistant District Attorney Thomas Dean.
Allman stole money from clients who entrusted him with their funds in trust accounts. He continued to practise law despite being detained and warned not to.

Additionally, Allman is charged in Davidson County. A trial is scheduled for the beginning of 2023.

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